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Chocolate Readings

Psychic Chocolate Readings by Zenith Party Productions

Did you know that the type of chocolate you crave reveals aspects of your personality?

Nothing sweetens up an event like Raven’s Divinations! Guests receive a fun and amazing personality reading, in addition to a future forecast, based on their selection of chocolate from a beautiful box of Godiva chocolates. Imagine the delight and amazement of your
guests as their personality unfolds right before their very eyes. Couples, friends and co-workers find themselves joking and laughing as Raven reveals their personalities, how they interact in relationships with partners, friends and co-workers. Raven’s interactive, fun-spirited and playful Chocolate Divinations will bring your guests together in unique way while enjoying the decadent indulgence of chocolate.

Chocolate Divinations are very popular at parties. In fact, whether a person is receiving a reading or not they will be entertained by Raven’s pinpoint accuracy, the gasps, laughter and reaction of the crowd. It’s not uncommon for guests to stand nearby to listen in on the next group’s reading. Raven’s Chocolate Divinations are just so friendly to people, there’s no dark atmosphere or eerie connotations and your guests receive a delicious piece of chocolate in the process.

Raven can perform her Chocolate Divinations at any size event. Chocolate Divinations can be presented as a unique, interactive dessert feature, as a wonderfully tasty experience to welcome your guests during cocktail hour or to create the ooohs and aaahs throughout your event. From wedding receptions to corporate events to private social parties to just about any occasion, chocolate makes the whole experience more exciting. Combine that with Raven’s flamboyancy, charisma and air of magical mystery and your event is transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Chocolate Divinations entertainment package includes 1 or 2 performers (depending on size of group) and beautifully packaged Godiva chocolates. Have a favorite brand of chocolate you’d like to use instead of Godiva? Not a problem! Raven can customize her chocolate fortunes for any style or brand of chocolate.