Bingo on Wheels

Bingo on Wheels comes with a “bingo  caller” that pushes a bingo cart around the room at a party or special event.

The “bingo caller” will hand out  bingo cards that have little window shades that go up and down  to cover the numbers, so you will never have to worry about  chips or markers. The bingo cart has a small sound system so  everyone will be able to hear the “bingo caller” when  he calls out the numbers.

Winners will receive prizes and can  play as often as they wish, even changing cards at any time.

Bingo on Wheels is completely portable and comes with  sound, lights, prizes and “bingo caller”.

No power is  necessary, it is completely self contained. So have your lucky  troll or rabbit’s foot on hand and get ready to yell  ”bingo!”

Bingo on Wheels by Zenith Party Productions