We have a variety of artists available to put the artistic touch into your affair.

Airbrush Artists
Our airbrush artists create graffiti-style works of art limited only by your guests imagination. Airbrush art can be done on T-shirt, boxer shorts or canvas bags. A single artist can complete approximately 10 pieces an hour. An assistant artist can be added to accommodate more pieces. It’s great entertainment and a great party favor rolled into one.

Face Painters
A Party entertainment classic. Our face painters can add a touch of lighthearted fun or sophisticated elegance to any affair. These professional artists use special paints, glitter and scquins to adhorn your guests’ faces with whimsical designs of their choices

Temporary Tattoos
Temporary ttattoos are HOT. We have 3 different styles of tattoos.

Tradional Tattoos: black and white designs that your guest chooses and our artist colors in.
Crystal Body Jewelry: self adhesive crystals that come in a variety of designs. They can be worn up to a week with normal washing.
Airbrush Tattoos: a new concept in temporary tattoos. This is the same technique used in many movies as well as a Mariah Carey video. Tattoos can be kept simple as a realistic looking tattoo or can be accessorized with glitter and gemstones.